Destroying Walled Gardens – Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones talked about creating a “microformats API”.

The idea here is based on a quote by Dan Cederholm of cork’d, where he describes the use of microformats as “planting seeds” for what he calls “oblivious development”, meaning that people can take what you’ve created and do things with it that you didn’t predict or have no idea about.

Dan proposes a more proactive approach, where you consciously develop an interface into your website, through the use of microformats.

His demo showed a development of an called “backnetwork” that he’d built for the Deconstruct web-standards event in Brighton. This site searched blogs for posts about the event and brought them into the event’s website. Dan wants to use microformats to allow people to identify their content as belonging to them.

Dan had a lot of interesting things to say – will post a link to his slides when he gets them up on the web.

He finished with an analogy between microformats and AK-47’s…