The Curiousity Collective

This was great.

The Curiosity Collective is a group of techno-artists in Ipswich, UK. Most of these guys work for BT and they all enjoy playing with technology in their spare time for art’s sake instead of profit.

Cefn Hoile and Dave Chatting presented videos and live demos, some of which were on display at a recent exhibition. Here are the highlights – most of this can be seen on their website.

  • A kaleidoscope screensaver that uses the mac’s camera as its source and creates crazy hexagonal effects – built using the visual Quartz Composer, which looks a lot like Yahoo! Pipes (at least the third reference of the day)
  • One-pixel webcam – keeps people who can’t see outside better connect to the state of the outside world. Takes a single pixel from a webcam and displays that as the desktop background, which gives a block of colour that reflects the sky. They also did one that included historical pixels – see the strip below.
    One-pixel webcam
  • Puppet controlled using the motion sensor on a laptop – see the YouTube video:
  • Video screens that displayed the results of filming the screen itself. When people moved in front of the screen, some incredible effects are produced.


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    Hi – thanks very much!

    We’re very keen to hear people’s reactions and ideas to the things we’re doing.

    BTW there’s a typo in the url, should be


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    Thanks – fixed that.