XML pipelines – the future?

Ian Forrester, one of the organisers of BarCamp, just gave an interesting presentation about XML Pipelines.

Ian’s site – http://www.cubicgarden.com/blojsom/blog/pipelines/

He looked at how the likes of Yahoo! Pipes and TouchStone and talked about how the flow of content around the web can and should be automated and filtered in an intelligent way.

Examples he and the audience talked about were:

– Touchstone, an intelligent feedreader that fliters your sources according to who you like, think is important, or based on your Firefox browsing behaviour (it’s a desktop app, which Yahoo! Pipes isn’t, so can’t integrate with the browser like that)

– Auto-loading your photos from your camera, running them through Preloadr’s processing tools and uploading to Flick

– Uploading blip.tv content and automatically syndicating it with your torrents

Pretty cool stuff.