MoMo – Mobile Widgets

I went to my first Mobile Monday last night (14th May), which I heard about from Roy Amir, although I’m pretty sure it was mentioned at the London BarCamp a while ago.

The topic was Mobile Widgets, which was very interesting to me, as I am generally quite mad about widgets, although I never cover them in a mobile context. I’m generally very sold on letting users do their own programming, so widgets, with their basic formulation and simple config seem like the perfect platform to get users chomping away on code – even if they don’t see it.

The stand-out presentation for me was the Oracle presentation, which was given by the their self-titled “standards wonk”, Charles McCathieNevile (that is one hell of a name). I felt that Opera’s focus on interoperability really made a lot of sense, as the idea of “write once, deploy anywhere” (sorry Netvibes) kicks ass – you can publish to pc, mac, MOBILE, tablet, etc. This is about putting the onus of complexity on the platform creators, not on the developers – keep the developers focussed on the applications, not the bothersome tasks required to make them work!

Chaals talked about a time-keeping widget that an 18-yr old intern of his built over a couple of weeks – in the process saving the finance department tens or hundreds of £k’s. Cool. This, says the man, is what widgets are really about (and I think he’s right particularly for business) – useful applications built cheaply, quickly and deployed wherever you need them.

WidSets gets a mention for creating an “end-to-end platform” for, basically, mobilising the web. They work with people to mobilise their content via widgets. Let’s just extend the concept a wee bit – widgetize content and distribute it through ANY channel – mobile, pc, mac, yes; but think of the web as the device – MySpace, blogs, custom homepages… Widgetization of the web is happening, someone is going to step in and provide the mechanism for totally pervasive widget-based distribution.


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