Getting Google notes onto my blog

I’ve just started using Google Notepad and I think it’s great, but I wish it had a “Post to Blog” option. I’m trying to use various services to make this happen anyway, and it’s a first example of creating a mashup that does some monitoring when I’m not there to tend to it – a mashup with a nervous system (ok, I know I’ve used that phrase three posts in a row… ;)).

This is a bit of a work in progress, but here are some thoughts about what I need to get done.

I can get the data out using Dapper… DONE
Have to put it through hapispace or something to make an RSS feed (just because I need to mess with the XML) – actually I could do this in Dapper itself…
Now I have to figure out what is going to monitor the changes and then post to the blog – Pipes? Whatever this is has to only pick up the changes not the whole RSS feed…

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