Nerve centre, v0.0.0.1

I jacked in my proposed work schedule today and spent the day working with Simon McManus to create a prototype of the mashup nervous system I’ve been blabbing on about.

Just to recap, I think that mashups need to be able to function without your involvement and respond to stimuli. I believe that to make mashups truly useful, by unhooking them from their creators’ apron-strings so to speak, we will need a service that will let me specify inputs to watch for changes and behaviours to take in response. I’ve done some searching and not come up with anything yet.

Simon and I sat down today and built a prototype. It takes a single input (such as an RSS feed), watches it and executes a single behaviour (try calling a URL – don’t forget the http://) when there is a change. I think HTTP calls are the building blocks here, as I’m focussing on RESTful web services.

The extension of this would be to make it run server-side via a cron job or something, and attach a database so anyone can add in pairs of inputs and behaviours. This service would give your mashup the ability to work without you clicking “run”.

The link below will take you to a page where you can try it out and grab the source code too.

Bugs posted here please!