TiddlyWiki WidgetBox “Blidget” macro

I’ve spent some time recently editing the content for the new Osmosoft.com website, which should be going live very soon. I think it is very important that we communicate with our readers and one of the ways we are doing this is by pointing to our blogs. I want to go one stage further and include feeds of our blogs in the site itself so that content is constantly refreshing.

“Easy!” I can hear you shout. However, Osmosoft.com is a TiddlyWiki and I have had to learn how to write plugins and macros for it. I’m on the brink of either deciding that TiddlyWiki is quite an amazing tool for writing web applications, or finding something quite fundamentally flawed that is going to throw my dreams of a simple mashup IDE down the toilet… more on that as we go on.

I decided to use WidgetBox‘s handy Blidget tool to turn my J by JayFresh into a little widget, with a scrolling sidebar and everything. From there, after getting some help from Jeremy about how TiddlyWiki lets you use javascript to dynamically build tiddlers as you open them, I wrote a macro that takes one parameter – the ID of your blidget – and renders it in the tiddler.

The usage of the macro is:

BlidgetMacro "URL of blidget"

I’ve attached the source as it’s a little lengthy.