TiddlyChatter v0.6 – with TiddlySpot!

This is a strange release, because most of the work has been to get TiddlyChatter to play nicely with TiddlySpot and improvements in the documentation based on actually trying to use it…

The idea with this release is that you can go to http://tiddlychatter.tiddlyspot.com and that will guide you through the process of installing the package and how to chatter with someone else. The easiest way to do it (I think…) is for both of you to have local TiddlySpot TiddlyWikis, that you use to get updates and post your own. This is a screen grab of the system running on my machine:

Screen grab of tiddlychatter0-6

Please get heavy on the feedback. The bugs are tracked on TiddlyChatter’s TiddlySpot site, and if you post new ones or comments in the TiddlyWikiDev group, I’ll keep them updated.

Quite excitingly, Ken Girard is getting all chattery:

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