Snowboarding in Russia

As my Twitter buddies will know, last night I went snowboarding just outside of Moscow. It was exciting enough to make some time to figure out this Cyrillic computer and get some photos up. In the process, I even created a proper Yahoo! ID – jayfreshUK (idea borrowed from Tom Coates).

This is me and my housemate and travelling companion Caroline, flanked by our Russian hosts. From left-to-right: Ivan, me & caro, Alexandr, Dmitri. I’m not too sure about Ivan and Alex, as they’re twins. I’m sure you can empathize.

who said russians arent tall

Here’s a link to a couple more photos of the slopes.



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    ahhh dude, you just missed out on the BT grad winter trip in Slovenia, we’ll be going for a skiing trip next winter so watch this space and come along!

    Glad to see you enjoyed the hols

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