Proud to be a Twitter Twerp

I came back to work today and have spent the best part of the morning being entertained by the buzz started by Phil Whitehouse and his “Ten Commandments of Twitter”, and later Paul Downey’s (psd) “Are you a Twitter Twit or a Twerp?”. JP has weighed in with some typically inspiring Big Picture points of view.

I derive the most amount of pleasure from Twitter when short bursts of conversation with people are combined with funny or interesting snippets that burst out of the ether. For all the noise that comes from @gapingvoid, he delivers some of the best one-liners I ever read. I am probably young enough to say that I kind of missed the IRC thing at its peak. I do use IRC, but it a tiny part of my communication with people. Twitter feels like it provides a fabric that all sorts of communication can slip and slide about on: one-liners, conversations, random stabs in the dark and commands sent out to services (such as Foamee) that sit on top of Twitter’s messaging layer and userbase.

Looking at the recent Tweets that have come through to me on Twitterific, about 30% were directed at someone via the @ nanoformat. This is probably because all of the people I follow are geeks in some way, but that’s a lot of people having personal conversations in the public domain. There’s something reassuring about tapping into this slightly soft network of human interactions.

In the language of psd’s post, I’m proud to be a Twerp. I would lose some of that famous “ambient intimacy” if I wasn’t. But on the other hand, reading psd’s rantings, I realise that it’s good to be kind to the Twits, and perhaps that just means phrasing things to be less @ and more #.



  1. Posted January 7, 2008 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

    Personally, I’d consider myself to be more of a Twit than a Twerp – and judging from your tweeting habits (i.e. the active sending, not the passive receiveing), I would actually put you in the Twits camp as well.
    Either way, gotta love your conclusion at the end!

  2. Posted January 7, 2008 at 10:38 pm | Permalink

    you’re in no way too young for ICQ or IRC… I lived my life by IRC! Ah I remember being so happy at my new 28.8K modem and the faster noises it made connecting… am I too young to be nostalgic at 24?