Online gaming – why am I having to configure my router in 2008??

Woah. Last night I had one hell of a double-take. Quick bit of background is that a little while ago I acquired a PS3 as I figured the next generation of gamin was going to be pretty awesome, what with HD and broadband all over the place. I guess it’s because I haven’t really played video games for more than five years, but I approached this new toy with the kind of plug-and-play mindset that I’ve come to expect from a similar half-decade of using mac hardware… big mistake, it turns out.
Playstation Network UK recently released an update for one of their flagship downloadable games, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. Cool, methinks. Except that it never works… Fast forward a month or so and I’ve bought Assassin’s Creed in the winter sales which, it turns out, requires a 25meg download to fix a bug before you can run it. To my amazement, this download fails every time.

An hour later and with the support forums combed, I’ve changed the settings on my BT Home Hub to allow connections to the PS3 through various ports and told it to treat the PS3 as a games console. I’ve decided to avoid exposing the whole system and give the thing a try. It works! Rejoice. Quick thought – Tekken? – no joy.

Why, oh why, oh why is all this required? It’s not like anything is even mentioned in the game manual, the PS3 manual or the Home Hub manual. Are we supposed to expect kids to reconfigure their router just so they can play with their friends? By the way, has anyone had a better plug-and-play experience than me?

Hello? Guys at Sony? BT? For frig’s sake, sort it out.


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    I have little interest in a PS3 – I hardly find the time to play on the Wii, not to mention PC gaming – but I entirely agree that these kind of issues should not occur anymore these days.
    FWIW, setting up the Wii’s wireless connection was a breeze – though I haven’t really used that a lot either.

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    Ahh I came unstuck in a similar fashion a few months back. Borrowed a PS3 while a friend was back home in Bejing, spent the first two hours downloading updates… Did similar with an Xbox360 and PGR4, update… crash… back to the shop… replaced… with a Wii. no more troubles!

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    That is the tragedy of the Wii…

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