Now I can use Dopplr like a pro – the importance of data on-ramps

twitter and dopplr

Dopplr – great idea, lots of hype, beautiful website, just impossible for me to use. Why? I’ll tell you why. Who can be bothered to go updating another website? Not me, even with Dopplr’s slick, slick interface. It’s enough hassle sorting everything else out when you’re going travelling.

Enter Twitter and the miracle of smart data on-ramps. Dopplr’s recent blog post outlined a handful of new ways to get information into the system, including through Twitter, acknowledging the hassle incumbent when typing it out on their site.

If I can use Twitter to get info into Dopplr, whenever I remember I’m going on a trip and have my phone nearby, I can at the very least, stub out that trip in Dopplr. A mobile on-ramp is a majorly cool feature for any web app to have these days, precisely for the reason I’ve just described, but having a Twitter on-ramp is even smarter: not only do I let Dopplr know I’m going on a trip, I can let everyone else I care about know at the same time.