Playstation Eye – the computer interface revolution that never happened?

You’ve seen Minority Report, right? So you’ve seen this:

Weird-ass computer interfaces controlled by waving your arms around – sounds awesome and turns up in loads of films (e.g. the new James Bond), but the closest we’ve got, I guess, is the iPhone.

You can imagine my grin when my flatmate Ben showed me this video of the Playstation Eye (née EyeToy):

Turns out that video dates back to November 2006. There’s practically nothing interesting published since then. Now, seriously, this is the biggest missed opportunity I have seen in some time. As the Wikipedia entries for both the Playstation Eye and the EyeToy indicate, the games lined up that work with this device are just a shower: the majority allow you to upload photos of yourself – big whoop. The Wikipedia entry for the Eye suggests that it was going to be used with the LittleBigPlanet level editor (how cool would that have been?), but the game seems only to support – you guessed it – photo uploads of your face.

The most recent news story I could find concerning the Eye was an announcement of a new game called “EyePet“. The premise is that you wave your hands around and a funky little monster jumps about and looks cute. What does look vaguely interesting is that you can hold up simple images and they’ll turn into in-game sprites the pet/monster can play with. To give Sony some credit, this is kinda cool, but it’s really not the crime-busting, spy-thrilling, hand-waving magic we’ve been expecting. Video below: