Shock horror – you’re not a social retard

Now, it may hard be to believe that statement. However, one must be directed to research published this week from the Economist, who persuaded chief stats wonk at Facebook, Dr Cameron Marlow, to carry out some analysis of how socially promiscuous people are.

It surprised me to learn that the average bloke carries with him a “core” of only 4-7 people with whom he interacts regularly via messages or comments; for the fairer sex, the range shifts to 6-10.

We can all breath a sigh of relief. Since the coming of the Great Facebook App broughteth such dross in the news feed, it has been increasingly difficult to give a shit as far as Facebook is concerned. Indeed, my use has settled down to be a companion to my real-life relationships, rather than the social explosion it first promised to be. Now I know I am not alone.

People with an interest in this sort of thing might like to read about The Dunbar Number.