My TiddlyWiki Workbook online – an experiment

I’ve been keeping an online workbook for a few months now (early February was when I think I started writing in it). It’s publicly accessible at As the TiddlyWiki veterans amongst you will immediately recognise, I’m using TiddlyWiki as the vehicle for all the information in there – after nearly two years of working in Osmosoft, I’m finally using TiddlyWiki for something!

The point of this THING is to give me somewhere to write down what I’m doing as I do it. And to store information in the rather useful “tiddler” micro-content format TiddlyWiki uses, where each tiddler has a title, a body and some optional tags. This format encourages you to write in little chunks that you link between, which Jeremy often says is like the way some people’s brains work.

I’ve found as I’ve gone along using my workbook that some stuff gets written down in almost essay form as I splurge out ideas for systems; other times, I’m colleting together resources that get heavily tagged and interlinked.

I’ve developed the way the thing looks quite a bit since I started – the default tiddlers you see when you open the workbook, and the contents of the left-hand column menu have changed the most; and they continue to change. I’m thinking I might develop the thing even further so it functions a bit like an online portfolio…

I’d like your opinion about whether it would be interesting to see some of the longer tiddlers, such as a recent one about personal organisation, extracted onto this blog. I’ve done it once before, where a post called “Email to HTTP. Gimme. KTHXBAI.” came from this tiddler in the workbook. The thing is – I’d like to bring out some of the more interesting passages in the workbook, before they’re fully developed into demonstratable systems, but I don’t want to blog mind-flow nonsense that clogs up your RSS reader.

Let me know what you think, and please feel free to take a wander through the workbook!


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  1. Posted April 15, 2009 at 4:27 pm | Permalink

    Fabulous stuff Mr. Fresh. Kinda reminds me of this thing I read in Cabinet magazine once, about Commonplace Books. In wikipedia too…

    I’m interested to hear more about Jeremy’s theories the relationship between information storage&retrieval/neuromapping(???).

    Typographically I’d add that you should probably aim at a thinner body column- on my screen you’re averaging 32 words per line- I’d aim at half that, maximum. Plus with all the subheaders (themselves perhaps too visually similar to the headers) within tiddlers, I began to lose grip on where one tiddler ended and another began.

    I’m guessing readability isn’t the greatest concern with a personal workbook, but if you’re thinking of developing/using it as a portfolio, it might be worth some tweaks.

    Great stuff, anyhoo. Glad to know the dance classes are going well!