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Afternoon “Columbus” heat, Young Rewired State 2013

For the afternoon’s heat, I’ve picked Columbus in the “level 2” venue. Here’s the rundown of the presentations, updated as they come (some details to be corrected later!): —– Crime Ships – “The Best Thing Ever” Joe, Billy, Jamie Brighton This is a desktop and mobile game, where you are trying to stop crime, […]

Live blogging “Heavenly” heat at Young Rewired State 2013

I’m in the oxygen-starved theatre of Birmingham’s custard factory for the 10am heat of this year’s Young Rewired State. Up first in the 10am Heavenly heat, one of our very own Shoreditch Works teams, “Changeable”. Malachy, Fela, Ben & Joshua. British Weather is famously changeable, so they have made a holiday planner that deals with […]

Little jQuery plugin to combine YouTube uploads and favorites feeds

I recently found that I wanted to grab a feed of a YouTube account’s uploads and favorites. Unfortunately, the YouTube API doesn’t offer this by itself, so I’ve made a little jQuery function to do it for you. Use like this: Download from GitHub here: My first idea for this was to use Yahoo! Pipes […]

Young Rewired State finals

After some serious queueing, Emma is doing her bit on stage, thanking sponsors and staff, as we wait to hear who has made it through to the finals. I’ll try to keep a record of the presentations as they go, wifi permitting… 15:50 Emma announcing the winners! Five in each prize stream… Was trying to […]

Young Rewired State showdown

There’s nothing like a bit of last-minute chaos to calm a presenter’s nerves. And what with the flooding, the inevitable wifi complications and the delay in starting, I am surprised to see that our teams of 15, 16 and 17 year-olds are taking this all in their stride. It’s day six, the main event, of […]

The experience of Codecademy

Codecademy has been getting some great reactions from my friends who don’t code that much, but have been meaning to get into it (which is everyone, right?). I had a little look when it first went up, and remembered thinking that the method was really clever, but I didn’t spend time going through any exercises. […]

The Chromebook & me

I just went to have a look at the Chromebook in the “Chrome Zone” at Tottenham Court Road’s PC World / Curry’s. I’ve resisted buying a tablet for more than a year, despite my gadgety inclinations, because of the general lack of keyboard, 3G and access to the software I use to do my job. […]

Twitter’s new image upload feature & your rights

Yesterday, Twitter launched its own image uploading service, which competes directly with TwitPic, yFrog and the like. Whilst this is all very interesting for those guys, one of the important things to know about before making use of this service is what rights you have to any images you upload. Remember the fuss when TwitPic […]


1000 days of Airbnb or “how to get press”

I just watched a video from November last, of an Airbnb founder, Brian Chesky, talking about the first 1000 days of his company. It’s one of those times when I’d had the browser tab open for about two weeks before getting to it, but I’m glad I did. In case you don’t know Airbnb, Brian […]