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Twitter barometer tells true cost of snow on London

Much has been said of the Federation of Small Business (FSB) estimate that the cost to the capital of freak snow shutting down business yesterday is running at £1bn a day. Investigation of their estimate shows a crude finger in the air assumption that 20% of the UK’s 32m workforce are laying dormant. I thought […]

Playing with Cecily

I recently started playing with Cecily, an experiment in Zoomable User-Interfaces (ZUI’s, as opposed to GUI’s) written by Jeremy Ruston (my boss). Cecily is a plugin for TiddlyWiki, which switches the interface from working as a familiar web page to a pan-able, zoomy desktop, where the size and placement of tiddlers (the content items in […]


Facebook is…

Using Yahoo! Pipes as bots – automating data in and data out

One of the things I’ve always thought was a weakness in Yahoo! Pipes was that you needed a human to come along and plonk in any input parameters and then stick around to deal with the output. It turns out that I’ve overlooked two old features that allow you to do just that. [Thanks to […]

Mandatory Training in Osmosoft Towers

We’re having a lovely time at Osmosoft giving in to the needs of the mightly corporation machine that pays our wages. This comes today in the form of mandatory training, residing like a sea cucumber on the company Intranet. Should be so simple, but riddled with problems! The browser plugin only works in IE and […]

A review of the INQ1 “Facebook” phone

I’ve had an INQ1 phone on trial from 3 Mobile since the middle of December. My main impression is that it’s CHEAP, PIONEERING and A BIT SHODDY. It’s not an iPhone, but it’s not £35 a month. Stand out items for me (good or bad) are: Consolidated Inbox and Phonebook: having all messages and chats, […]

Monkey in Moscow

Merry Christmas! Around this time last year I was doing some visiting in Moscow, where I found this little chappie – have a Christmas monkey:

FutureGov Wish List

I went along to FutureGov‘s Government Wish List event @ NESTA on Monday night. The idea, a brainchild of Dominic Campbell, was to bring an MP into contact with some webby types to find out what they loved about the Web and how the Government can and should support its development. In this case, the […]