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Too many cooks spoil the DOM (getting content out of page elements)

I frequently find myself wanting to refer to the contents of an element on a web page, having got hold of that element in the DOM. However, I equally frequently forget how to access this content. The confusion arises because there are various ways to get hold of the content of an element: nodeValue, value, […]

Editors, editors, everywhere and not a lot of links

Edit: I’ve updated the list of editors below after some good leads in the comments. So… I’ve been pottering around the web looking for a decent development environment to free me from the shackles of Notepad, which I’ve been using without fail since about 1999. Yes, it’s tragic. I was looking for a tool to […]

Javascript frameworks – Ben Marvell

Ben works as a web developer at Wiley Publishers – he’s going to be doing a slightly unusual presentation about Javascript frameworks…