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PaaS: A mid-2010 survey

I’ve said in the past that I am a hands-off type of guy when it comes to servers. To avoid dealing with servers in any traditional sense, I have been keeping an eager eye on how things are going with server-side JavaScript, and the push-to-deploy type of application development (Heroku, Joyent Smart Platform). But there’s […]

Testing local TiddlyWeb applications in virtual machines

This is particular to VirtualBox, but I imagine the principles are the same for VMWare, Parallels and all those other virtual doohikies. I’ve been developing a TiddlyWeb application on a local server on my Mac. This is fine for when I want to test in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Webkit and others, but not so hot […]

AppJet make boo-boo: they closed

AppJet is dead. Long live AppJet. Aaron Iba, AppJet’s CEO, has made the decision to close AppJet because they realised that EtherPad, their real-time document collaboration product, is commercially viable. Never mind that there is a growing community using the free product: hosting for Server-Side JavaScript with an in-browser editor. I think this is the […]

Playing with Cecily

I recently started playing with Cecily, an experiment in Zoomable User-Interfaces (ZUI’s, as opposed to GUI’s) written by Jeremy Ruston (my boss). Cecily is a plugin for TiddlyWiki, which switches the interface from working as a familiar web page to a pan-able, zoomy desktop, where the size and placement of tiddlers (the content items in […]

Mandatory Training in Osmosoft Towers

We’re having a lovely time at Osmosoft giving in to the needs of the mightly corporation machine that pays our wages. This comes today in the form of mandatory training, residing like a sea cucumber on the company Intranet. Should be so simple, but riddled with problems! The browser plugin only works in IE and […]

Trialling the INQ1

Thanks to Matt from 3mobilebuzz I’m giving the INQ1 a whirl for a month. I expect I’ll know what I think after a week, so keep an eye out for a review. The INQ1 looks like a pretty big deal for people who are not at the iPhone end of the market, so this is […]

Playstation Eye – the computer interface revolution that never happened?

You’ve seen Minority Report, right? So you’ve seen this: Weird-ass computer interfaces controlled by waving your arms around – sounds awesome and turns up in loads of films (e.g. the new James Bond), but the closest we’ve got, I guess, is the iPhone. You can imagine my grin when my flatmate Ben showed me this […] – mystery revealed tomorrow in Shoreditch

I received an über-alt invitation to‘s unveiling tomorrow evening. It’s a darn cool little thing: Er… so what is driedonpaper? Their man Matt is staying very tight-lipped. I do have this from an email he sent me: …a new device designed to keep you in social sync more than ever before will be unveiled. […]

Google Apps behind the firewall?

I had a very interesting talk with a friend of mine today (in the most awesome Monmouth Coffee), mainly about the use of technology in high school education. One thing that came up in particular was that the software used by schools (at the behest of the government) to help with education is terribly poor […]