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Using TiddlyWeb as a content management system for

I saw Mike posting recently about how he is using TiddlyWeb with theTiddlyDocs and TiddlyGuv projects and I thought I would put something out about how we’ve been using TiddlyWeb with another Osmosoft project – the redesign of for the International Lesbian and Gay Association. The ILGA project has taken our use of TiddlyWeb in unexplored directions. The essential problem that we’re using this system to solve is that […]

TiddlyTemplating part 2 – a prototype that works

Hello, Click here for the prototype: After going through a few options, I’ve come up with one that works. This TiddlyTemplating prototype works, in that it generates a RSS feed from templates on the fly – you can even go in and edit the templates. It’s still a prototype so it has some rough […]

TiddlyTemplating – using TiddlyWiki to create webpages

I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about TiddlyWiki as a development platform. I’m talking about using TiddlyWiki in your browser to make web applications, whether or not they’re ultimately delivered client-side or server-side. The simplest form of this is the output of static webpages, which is something that TiddlyWiki kind of does already in […]

Off on holiday – but first, a RippleRap update!

At this time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane, bound for Romania. This is deeply exciting. I haven’t been on holiday for more than a week for ages, and I’m looking forward to spending two weeks wandering around some strange places in Eastern Europe. I’ll be dropping into Bucharest, Istanbul, Warsaw and Moscow before jetting […]

TiddlyBlogger with tags

Apprehensively, I’m hitting “publish to blog” having made some changes to the boycook’s TiddlyBlogger… In theory, there should be some tags attached to this post. [Edit:] Alrighty, so that worked. I’ve made a few changes – get hold of the BlogPlugin and BlogSetup tiddlers here: The BlogPlugin now uses a custom view template for […]

TiddlyChatter v0.75 – track lots of people

Hello, TiddlyChatter v0.75 is in svn and up on the web in a packaged form at Major change in this version is that you can subscribe to multiple feeds. Other bug fixes documented. Many thanks to everyone who has given feedback and encouragement. This is a prototype to accompany the interface development that’s going […]

TiddlyChatter – designing the user experience

After releasing TiddlyChatter v0.6 on TiddlySpot, I’m taking a step back and focussing on what I can do to make TiddlyChatter as easy to understand and use as possible. It’s taken me two weeks of living in the thick of it to get to a point where I can clearly articulate what the point of […]

Blog from Tiddlywiki

If this works, then I’m posting into WordPress from TiddlyWiki! All thanks to boycook and his wonderful TiddlyBlogger.

TiddlyChatter v0.6 – with TiddlySpot!

This is a strange release, because most of the work has been to get TiddlyChatter to play nicely with TiddlySpot and improvements in the documentation based on actually trying to use it… The idea with this release is that you can go to and that will guide you through the process of installing the […]

TiddlyChatter v0.5

I’m pleased to announce the first “usable” release of TiddlyChatter, a project I’ve written about before here and here. You can find an example TiddlyWiki loaded up with TiddlyChatter (hit right-click to save) here. (And another with different colours for testing on one machine) The instructions are all in there. I’ve thought hard about the […]