Too many cooks spoil the DOM (getting content out of page elements)

I frequently find myself wanting to refer to the contents of an element on a web page, having got hold of that element in the DOM. However, I equally frequently forget how to access this content. The confusion arises because there are various ways to get hold of the content of an element: nodeValue, value, […]

We need a mashup runtime

After conversation with Cefn Hoile yesterday, I drew this: I’m starting with a view of the Internet as a series of sexy services that we might want to mash together. But there’s a problem with this, which is that we can’t get them to talk directly to one another, so setting up mashups without some […]

New TiddlyWiki plugin: Freebase integration

I’ve just put up a TiddlyWiki containing an explanation and demo of my latest plugin, which provides a visual interface for querying and writing to the Freebase database. The idea with this is to provide an easy way for TiddlyWikis to communicate with Freebase, an online contextual encyclopedia, and in general with other non-TiddlyWiki storage […]

Business in the Facebook

This is for those who find themselves looking at Facebook and LinkedIn and thinking, “hey, that would be really cool inside my company…” A lot of different groups – and if you’re reading this, you’re probably in one – have recognised that social networks on the Internet have a lot to teach us about a […]

Yahoo! Pipe plugin update (back from holiday too)

Hi! In case you were wondering why I haven’t posted for a while, I had a week off in Ireland, which was lovely. I went to Dublin towards the end of the week and can fully recommend those bus tours, as they show you a hell of a lot in a short space of time […]

All the news in your TiddlyWiki

I’ve put together a TiddlyWiki plugin that renders the output of a Yahoo! Pipes news feed aggregator into your TiddlyWiki. There is some basic checking for different formats of news feed when gathering the content and author data. I’ve attached the source code to this post (it’s a .doc to get past the wordpress js […]

The Ignorance of Nick Carr

Thanks to Otti for pointing out this article by Nick Carr, entitled the Ignorance of Crowds. It’s a look back at Eric Raymond’s seminal paper, the 10-yr old “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”, in which he makes the case for peer production, focussing on the Linux operating system as his example. Peer productions and open […]

Editors, editors, everywhere and not a lot of links

Edit: I’ve updated the list of editors below after some good leads in the comments. So… I’ve been pottering around the web looking for a decent development environment to free me from the shackles of Notepad, which I’ve been using without fail since about 1999. Yes, it’s tragic. I was looking for a tool to […]

TiddlyWiki WidgetBox “Blidget” macro

I’ve spent some time recently editing the content for the new website, which should be going live very soon. I think it is very important that we communicate with our readers and one of the ways we are doing this is by pointing to our blogs. I want to go one stage further and […]

Mashup* June – Location-based services

I went to the Mashup* event for this month, all about location-based services. There was a team from TeleAtlas giving a talk, a lively panel debate and then some networking fuelled by a free bar. Location-based services (LBS) are clearly broken down into the spam-type services that you might encounter walking past a Starbucks and […]