The experience of bad coffee

“Two cappuccinos please”. I see the operator pick up two cardboard cups. They have a terrible pattern on them. So I say, “Sugar in one please”. I’m hedging my bets. “Brown.” The ground coffee comes out of the hopper without a whiff. There is a light tamp, if you can call it that, when it […]

Getting excited by Gwilym’s coffee

I’ve been a bit excited today by my early afternoon visit to WBC champion Gwilym Davies‘ Coffee and Breakfast stall at Columbia Road flower market. It was pretty busy.                           Gwilym was being assisted by also coffee legend, James Hoffman (of Square Mile […]

Coffee cups

Some sketches for a coffee cup symbol to put on the back of a business card. Which one is your favourite?

The Camera Café – haven for the electro-nomad

If you’ve ever wandered the streets of London, MacBook in hand, searching for somewhere with adequate wifi, decent coffee and a generally chilled out mood, look no further. I present to you the “Camera Café“, a tiny hideaway on Museum Street, almost in the shadow of the British Museum. “Camera” has the most awesome downstairs […]

AMT Coffee

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