The Chromebook & me

I just went to have a look at the Chromebook in the “Chrome Zone” at Tottenham Court Road’s PC World / Curry’s. I’ve resisted buying a tablet for more than a year, despite my gadgety inclinations, because of the general lack of keyboard, 3G and access to the software I use to do my job. […]

Google Apps behind the firewall?

I had a very interesting talk with a friend of mine today (in the most awesome Monmouth Coffee), mainly about the use of technology in high school education. One thing that came up in particular was that the software used by schools (at the behest of the government) to help with education is terribly poor […]

Last minute Christmas present from Google – 6Gb GMail!

Well, it’s last minute from the point of view of anyone in Lahore, Islamabad, Tashkent and Karachi, but in the dying moments before Christmas reaches the Middle East (is this a pre-meditated gesture in jest, I do wonder), GMail ticks over to give us a full 6Gb free storage. Keep it coming (at this rate […]

You linkin’ at me? Why Yahoo! is better than Google for finding inbound links

I heard about this brilliant tip from Paul Silver at Barcamp Brighton this weekend, and not being able to find much about it on the web thought I’d write it up. This material comes from Paul’s presentation about ethical SEO. Google sucks at displaying the number of incoming links to your website when you search […]

Future recruiter – how we will come to buy business

Simon McManus has made an excellent point in his recent blog post about Facebook, which is to do with the way companies will come to assemble teams and buy services in the future. “…My mind runs away with ideas of allowing customers to pick a team based on public profile pages with reviews from previous […]

Getting Google notes onto my blog

I’ve just started using Google Notepad and I think it’s great, but I wish it had a “Post to Blog” option. I’m trying to use various services to make this happen anyway, and it’s a first example of creating a mashup that does some monitoring when I’m not there to tend to it – a […]

Google Notebooks “dapp”

I’ve been playing with the Dapper service today as I wanted to create a feed of my Google Notebook items – I think they are rather short on ways to export my data. You can see an example of how it works below. The URL you put in the input field is a public Google […]