The experience of Codecademy

Codecademy has been getting some great reactions from my friends who don’t code that much, but have been meaning to get into it (which is everyone, right?). I had a little look when it first went up, and remembered thinking that the method was really clever, but I didn’t spend time going through any exercises. […]

Online banking with JavaScript – first working thing

I recorded this at Islington Hackspace tonight, figured it would be cool to share visually rather than have a big blag-rant, (see my last post for one of those). It ought to be self-explanatory. I’m thinking about wrapping this up in an iPhone app so I can pay people for free. Rather than use PayPal […]

AppJet make boo-boo: they closed

AppJet is dead. Long live AppJet. Aaron Iba, AppJet’s CEO, has made the decision to close AppJet because they realised that EtherPad, their real-time document collaboration product, is commercially viable. Never mind that there is a growing community using the free product: hosting for Server-Side JavaScript with an in-browser editor. I think this is the […]

PixelPatternMaster – create repeating pixel-art patterns interactively

[Update: new version! Spot the eyedropper pixel-art… I always find it annoying that I can’t easily make those little repeating patterns that often make up the backgrounds of web pages or content boxes – I’m no PhotoShop user (in the cocaine sense) and Paint doesn’t cut it, ‘cos you can’t see the finished pattern. […]

Playing with Cecily

I recently started playing with Cecily, an experiment in Zoomable User-Interfaces (ZUI’s, as opposed to GUI’s) written by Jeremy Ruston (my boss). Cecily is a plugin for TiddlyWiki, which switches the interface from working as a familiar web page to a pan-able, zoomy desktop, where the size and placement of tiddlers (the content items in […]

SproutCore: smart clients, dumb servers

I heard about SproutCore recently, from an enthusiastic client-side web developer. I hadn’t heard about it, which is not entirely unsurprising as it turns out – SproutCore came out of hiding as something of a surprise at the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, as the power behind the slick interfaces for Apple’s new suite of […]

TiddlyTemplating – using TiddlyWiki to create webpages

I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about TiddlyWiki as a development platform. I’m talking about using TiddlyWiki in your browser to make web applications, whether or not they’re ultimately delivered client-side or server-side. The simplest form of this is the output of static webpages, which is something that TiddlyWiki kind of does already in […]