User Interface design and the role of the programmer

Anyone who has had a conversation with me, over the past six months or so, about web programming will know that I am a firm advocate of the less-technical programmer. That phrase is heavily loaded and I will explain in a second, but I mean that creating applications, particularly web applications, is increasingly within the […]

We need a mashup runtime

After conversation with Cefn Hoile yesterday, I drew this: I’m starting with a view of the Internet as a series of sexy services that we might want to mash together. But there’s a problem with this, which is that we can’t get them to talk directly to one another, so setting up mashups without some […]

TiddlyWiki WidgetBox “Blidget” macro

I’ve spent some time recently editing the content for the new website, which should be going live very soon. I think it is very important that we communicate with our readers and one of the ways we are doing this is by pointing to our blogs. I want to go one stage further and […]

Mashup* June – Location-based services

I went to the Mashup* event for this month, all about location-based services. There was a team from TeleAtlas giving a talk, a lively panel debate and then some networking fuelled by a free bar. Location-based services (LBS) are clearly broken down into the spam-type services that you might encounter walking past a Starbucks and […]

Nerve centre, v0.0.0.1

I jacked in my proposed work schedule today and spent the day working with Simon McManus to create a prototype of the mashup nervous system I’ve been blabbing on about. Just to recap, I think that mashups need to be able to function without your involvement and respond to stimuli. I believe that to make […]

Why do I want to give mashups a nervous system?

Here are just a few things that I would want to build if I could assemble a mashup that was capable of monitoring data sources and responding to changes… Please feel free to add more in the comments… Automatically publish my Google notes to my blog Add entries to an online database when I twitter […]

Teqlo review

Finally got around to looking at Teqlo, which I’ve meaning to do since I first signed up to their beta program. I’m looking at this to determine a few different things: how they are enabling application building under the surface, what their target audience is and how much they let developers get under the skin. […]