JavaScript in the cloud

The idea of running JavaScript on the server has been around for a while now (think Jaxer back in 2008), but it recently got a big boost with the featuring of Node.js at JSConf in November 2009. Node.js found immediate fame by demonstrating blinding performance as a web server, and by building on the hotly hyped V8 JavaScript engine Google bundled […]

Notes on migrating an application from AppJet to Smart Platform

I’ve been wingeing quite a lot recently about AppJet’s demise and the shoddy state of potential replacements, and got quite a nice response from Jim Pick at Joyent. I decided today to have a play with their new Smart Platform and had a go at porting one of my AppJet applications over to Smart. Here’s […]

Joyent Smart Platform – a replacement for AppJet?

I’m totally two months behind with this news, but I noticed today that Joyent’s Smart Platform was Brian LeRoux‘s top pick at JSConf back in May. This, coupled with poking from Joyent-er Jim Pick and his response to the Ajaxian coverage of AppJet’s closure, encouraged me to sign up to the Smart Platform beta today. […]