Twitter’s new image upload feature & your rights

Yesterday, Twitter launched its own image uploading service, which competes directly with TwitPic, yFrog and the like. Whilst this is all very interesting for those guys, one of the important things to know about before making use of this service is what rights you have to any images you upload. Remember the fuss when TwitPic […]

How to build a DIY TwitPic (without any coding skillz)

Accounts you need A blog you can upload photos to from your phone (e.g. Blogger account on my Sony Ericsson K800i) (or other email notification service) Gmail (or other email account with mail filters and auto-forwarding) Tarpipe Yahoo! Pipes Twitter Coding skillz you need None What is TwitPic? In a nutshell, TwitPic lets you […]

Measuring the Gfail cost with Twitter

You may recall that at the beginning of February, the UK had a shit load of snow, which pretty much took out the whole country on the 2nd, a Monday. I wrote about a method I’d used to calculate the economic cost to the UK based on the Twitter chatter as a measuring stick. I […]

Improving my Twitter @reply notifications with Yahoo! Pipes

Yesterday, I wrote about how to use to get email notifications when people @reply to you on Twitter. I found this morning that the emails don’t show you who it was that replied to you, since the author field in the feed isn’t passed on by Yahoo! Pipes to the rescue! I made […]

Adding new features to Twitter with

For me, Twitter does two things exactly the opposite way round to how I want them: @replies don’t trigger mail notifications, but they do have an RSS feed Direct messages don’t come over RSS, but they do go via email I don’t know how it is for everyone else, but I find it easier to […]

Twitter barometer tells true cost of snow on London

Much has been said of the Federation of Small Business (FSB) estimate that the cost to the capital of freak snow shutting down business yesterday is running at £1bn a day. Investigation of their estimate shows a crude finger in the air assumption that 20% of the UK’s 32m workforce are laying dormant. I thought […]

Now I can use Dopplr like a pro – the importance of data on-ramps

Dopplr – great idea, lots of hype, beautiful website, just impossible for me to use. Why? I’ll tell you why. Who can be bothered to go updating another website? Not me, even with Dopplr’s slick, slick interface. It’s enough hassle sorting everything else out when you’re going travelling. Enter Twitter and the miracle of smart […]

Twitter is becoming the new IM, and is this a bad thing?

I have noticed that a lot of people who start following me on Twitter also follow thousands of other people. I have to ask, how does Twitter remain useful if you are following such a high number of people. What’s the limit? Of the people that I see tweeting and frequently interacting with other people, […]

Governing the Twitterfolk: part 2

I’ve had some responses to yesterday’s post diving into the Twitter Village / Mayor discussion, some as comments on the post, some on Twitter and a reply from Shel Israel on his blog. Whilst I hope you enjoyed the rant, there are a couple of points I would like to make that I think are […]

Governing the Twitterfolk: Shel Israel disappears up own asshole

I came across this post via Jeremiah Owyang’s (@jowyang) tweet, written by Shel Israel (@shelisrael), the man that co-authored “Naked Conversations” with Robert Scoble (@scobleizer). It seems that lots of people have got behind Laura Fitton’s (@Pistachio) article describing Twitter as a personal village, and rightly so. The metaphor is apt, even if Twitter is […]