Little jQuery plugin to combine YouTube uploads and favorites feeds

I recently found that I wanted to grab a feed of a YouTube account’s uploads and favorites. Unfortunately, the YouTube API doesn’t offer this by itself, so I’ve made a little jQuery function to do it for you. Use like this: Download from GitHub here: My first idea for this was to use Yahoo! Pipes […]

How to build a DIY TwitPic (without any coding skillz)

Accounts you need A blog you can upload photos to from your phone (e.g. Blogger account on my Sony Ericsson K800i) (or other email notification service) Gmail (or other email account with mail filters and auto-forwarding) Tarpipe Yahoo! Pipes Twitter Coding skillz you need None What is TwitPic? In a nutshell, TwitPic lets you […]

Adapting WireIt to work with independent data stores

I’ve been working during the last fortnight on the “Streams” project, which LShift, an IT consultancy in Shoreditch, are building in conjunction with the BBC. My part in this project has been to prototype the interface that a non-technical person would use to edit and create Streams, which are box-and-wire visual workflows similar to those […]

Improving my Twitter @reply notifications with Yahoo! Pipes

Yesterday, I wrote about how to use to get email notifications when people @reply to you on Twitter. I found this morning that the emails don’t show you who it was that replied to you, since the author field in the feed isn’t passed on by Yahoo! Pipes to the rescue! I made […]

Using Yahoo! Pipes as bots – automating data in and data out

One of the things I’ve always thought was a weakness in Yahoo! Pipes was that you needed a human to come along and plonk in any input parameters and then stick around to deal with the output. It turns out that I’ve overlooked two old features that allow you to do just that. [Thanks to […]

User Interface design and the role of the programmer

Anyone who has had a conversation with me, over the past six months or so, about web programming will know that I am a firm advocate of the less-technical programmer. That phrase is heavily loaded and I will explain in a second, but I mean that creating applications, particularly web applications, is increasingly within the […]